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  • How to see the point

    How to see the point

    It was such a pleasure to have globally renowned artist Gavin Rain in the audience recently to witness how I have incorporated his magnificent work into my newest How to Thrive at the Edge of Chaos keynote.  We had not met previously, but I tracked down his number as I stood, mesmerised, in front of…

  • My ‘Send to all’ moment

    My ‘Send to all’ moment

    When last did you do something that scared you? Even just a bit.  Your comfort zone is a dangerous place to occupy for too long, so here is something I have done which you might find useful. In the spirit of former US first Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s “Do something that scares you every day,” and…

  • My Hardy Boys sleuthing into a publishing phenomenon

    My Hardy Boys sleuthing into a publishing phenomenon

    I grew up on a diet of The Hardy Boys – the 1970’s gateway drug to true-crime detective series Ian Rankin novels… Today I learned something new about my childhood obsession – the franchise not only still exists but still being written under the name of Franklin W Dixon… According to The Atlantic – Along…

  • Business “wins” at COP 28

    Business “wins” at COP 28

    No-one is going to be entirely happy with the final statement agreed by nearly 200 countries at the COP28 climate summit. The gathering has agreed to “transition away” rather than “phase out” fossil fuel usage. It may sound like semantics, but the change of language is substantial as it allows for the continued exploitation of…