Bruce Whitfield Keynote Speaker
Bruce Whitfield Keynote Speaker

You have something important to say.

Learn how to say it. 

Become a strong communicator with award-winning journalist and presenter Bruce Whitfield. This two-week online micro course is tailored for working professionals looking to rapidly obtain industry relevant skills from reputable thought leaders.

Narrative is nothing without a good storyteller

This course teaches students to think on their feet and leverage the art of storytelling to engage audiences.

The course content is beneficial to business leaders who are expected to speak publicly about complex, sometimes controversial topics, and founders ready to build a powerful brand through storytelling. Managers who need to represent their companies will learn to communicate clearly and confidently to a wide range of stakeholders. Professionals, specialists, and panelists with big and bold ideas will learn how to effectively express these to a broad audience while working towards improving themselves in a personal and career-enhancing capacity. In addition, existing public speakers will learn new presentation techniques and tools so that they can get and stay ahead in their industry

The curriculum

Gain the skills to address your audience with clarity and conviction as you work through the weekly modules of this online micro course.

After completing this course, you will be able to


The ability to translate complex ideas into authentic, engaging presentations.


Impactful, influential, and memorable communication skills that can be tailored to any audience.


The ability to pitch yourself and your ideas to build your professional profile and promote your personal into authentic, engaging presentations.

Add Value

Valuable, career-enhancing feedback on your communication style that you can use to become more persuasive.

How you will learn


Engage with your online course material


Interact with your peers and learning facilitators through class-wide forums and live sessions

Multi-media Content

Enjoy a wide range of engaging and interactive components, including videos, podcasts, activities, and resources

Insider Tips

Receive tips for practical application in your career

Bruce Whitfield Keynote Speaker

Find your voice, win people’s attention – and influence them into taking action.