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  • One of the biggest minds in money has died

    One of the biggest minds in money has died

    Batman had Robin, Fred Astaire had Ginger Rogers, John Lennon had Paul McCartney, Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak (but both needed the design brilliance of Jonny Ive) and Warren Buffett had Charlie Munger. Sure, there are mavericks who appear to be quite capable of succeeding on their own. The likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos,…

  • New brooms across FirstRand

    New brooms across FirstRand

    Africa’s most valuable banking group FirstRand has announced sweeping leadership changes which take place over the next six months which will see a new board chair, CEO and boss of its retail banking division all starting their new roles within a short space of time. CEO Alan Pullinger stepping down next year after 6 years…

  • Pick n Pay hires pensioner as CEO

    Pick n Pay hires pensioner as CEO

    South Africa’s once-dominant food retailer Pick n Pay has gone back to the future and hired a former CEO, who at the age of 70, is relishing a return to the fray.  Sean Summers, whose resignation as CEO of Pick n Pay 17 years ago, was followed by a decade and a half of underperformance by…

  • 20 years of financial journalism

    20 years of financial journalism

    I’d worked in radio as a general news reporter and (far too young) as an editor in South Africa and London for seven years and realised I needed to specialise.   As I look back, it reminds me that we are nothing without others. Only one CEO I have ever met adamantly believed he’d made…