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  • Genius: The podcast series

    Genius: The podcast series

    The world is suddenly less certain than it might have appeared to be five years ago. Global uncertainties abound.  Economies everywhere are under pressure as central banks scramble to contain the most serious inflationary pressures in decades. Geopolitical tensions have risen since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and new power blocs are being formed that…

  • Interview with Andrew Harding

    Interview with Andrew Harding

    Bruce Whitfield interviews BBC correspondent and author, Andrew Harding Bruce Whitfield: Well, welcome this evening to Andrew Harding. He’s the BBC Africa correspondent. He’s an author more recently of a book all about a really horrible microcosm of South African history, and we’ll talk about that this evening, but Andrew Harding has spent most of…

  • The day Bruce had a radio meltdown

    The day Bruce had a radio meltdown

        Bruce Whitfield is an award-winning financial journalist, business speaker and radio host. 

  • Build Bruce into your business event

    Build Bruce into your business event

    While many businesses welcomed the start of 2022 with renewed optimism, the year has brought with it a new set of challenges that require swift decision-making and agility. Bruce Whitfield, South Africa’s most awarded financial journalist and a highly sought-after business speaker, is showing you how to ‘get your head out of the headlines’– and…