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The Indispensable Role of Authenticity in Keynote Speaking

In a world of fake news, where half-truths and outright lies are often shared as fact on social media platforms, it’s refreshing to come across anything genuine. This pursuit of truth extends to the business world, where authenticity is considered a rare asset – particularly in keynote speakers.

International keynote speakers are vital components of any organised conference or get-together, and they must align with the business messaging. A keynote speaker with a passion for conservation is unlikely to take the stage of a major oil company, for example, as the messaging will not be authentic whatever way you take it.

Authentic Keynote Speakers

Here are some of the reasons you need to secure a keynote speaker with authenticity.

1.     Audience Perception

An audience will innately know if your keynote speaker is not authentic through several subtle clues. The keynote speaker’s body language, the way they talk, and the content of the speech all give indications as to their authenticity whether they know it or not. Once an audience perceives a keynote speaker as being inauthentic, they lose all the focus and they will gain nothing.

2.     More Engaging

Inauthentic keynote speakers tend to hide behind a created persona which prevents them from sharing who they really are. People are much more likely to engage with a keynote speaker who speaks from the heart, rather than one who is more robotic and clinical. An authentic keynote speaker is also more relaxed, which makes the audience more relaxed and receptive to the message being shared. Authenticity is also closely linked to effective storytelling as the narrative becomes more compelling and engaging.

3.     More Relatable

When a speaker goes on stage and shows his or her true self, they instantly become more relatable. They might make a few minor mistakes, or simply reveal things about themselves that are embarrassing or difficult to share. It’s this authentic self that the audience can relate to – we all make mistakes or have done things we’d rather not recall, but this is how we grow and learn.

4.     More Natural

An authentic keynote speaker will talk naturally, whereas someone who is putting on a persona will speak in a more stilted manner that is difficult to follow. When an audience is exposed to this sort of inauthentic speech, they will disengage and lose focus on what’s being said. An authentic keynote speaker is more confident and likely to retain the audience’s attention.

5.     More Adaptable

Another important benefit of keynote speakers is that they can engage with any audience, because authenticity knows no boundaries. This makes booking an authentic keynote speaker a must because they can engage across social and cultural boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

6.     Messaging Connects

Organising a keynote speaker is important for extending the central message of the conference or meeting. If the speaker is authentic, this message will land and the audience is more likely to leave and implement any changes that are needed in line with the overall vision. If they’re not authentic, you’re just wasting everyone’s time, and the organiser’s money.

The role of a keynote speaker is to inspire the audience, but also to set the tone and energy of the event. They are central to any conference or business get-together, as they extend the ethos and messaging of the organisation. If they’re not authentic, the underlying message is that the company is not authentic.

For a London based keynote speaker who brings authenticity and impact to your engagement, Bruce Whitfield is your first choice. Bruce is a business speaker, journalist, and author who interprets the noise at the murky intersection where business, politics and society collide. He has a unique ability to bring clarity, humour, and insight to complex issues, helping his audience understand how we can choose to fix the future – regardless of geographic location.

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