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7 business benefits of hiring a keynote speaker for your event
Bruce Whitfield Keynote Speaker

If you’re organising a corporate event, and are looking for a way to really bring the event together and drive engagement, then a keynote speaker is your best bet. Securing a dynamic speaker will ensure the success of your corporate event in several ways. Here’s a look at some of the business benefits of hiring a keynote speaker.

Business benefits of hiring a keynote speaker


1.      A different perspective

If you’re booking a seasoned keynote speaker, they don’t necessarily have to be leaders in your particular field. Having studied finance, politics or humanities closely, these keynote speakers can provide a different perspective on issues and realities that face us all, without getting into the actual topic of business. They’re able to take the audience out of the moment, and show them a bigger perspective that picks up on interesting trends and commonalities that are so often missed. By perceiving challenges in a different light, they often seem surmountable and goals more attainable.


2.      Provide credibility

For event organisers looking to attract crowds, booking a well-known keynote speaker is a great way to do this. The high-profile name will give your event credibility, and provides you with a great event marketing opportunity. This can further be leveraged by engaging the speaker to share the event on social media platforms. The speaker will also provide your event theme or motivation with further credibility. It’s one thing hearing a message in the workplace, it’s another thing hearing it from someone who is held in very high esteem locally and internationally.


3.      Better audience engagement

A speaker is experienced at captivating audiences – that’s the job! So, if you’re looking to increase audience engagement and focus your event, then booking a great keynote speaker is the way to do just this. No matter who is attending the event, no matter how curious or sceptical, a good keynote speaker will be able to draw them in and get them thinking in a different tone and scene for you to plant your business message later on.


4.      Gain expert insight

You can also choose to go with a keynote speaker who is an industry authority. This works really well with keeping the event on topic if you’re keen to share a specific message. By choosing someone who is a leader in the field, you’re much likelier to capture the audience’s attention early and benefit from personal anecdotes to which everyone can relate.  


5.      Highlight your theme or motivation

The right keynote speaker will strengthen the purpose of your event, either through extensive industry knowledge or by effectively communicating your message in a relatable manner. Considering the theme is the entire drive of the event, you want to ensure this is brought to life and makes a lasting impact – something which can be achieved by the keynote speaker.

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6.      Inspire positive change

The great thing about keynote speakers is that, whether they’re industry experts or not, their aim is always to leave an audience inspired and motivated. After such a challenging time, everyone is ready for a bit of positive inspiration that can set them on the right path. No matter what the theme of your event, your keynote speaker will leave audiences feeling a lot better than when they entered, and that’s a positive mindset that you can work with.


7.      Inspire cohesion

There’s a lot of division at the moment, socially, politically and economically. In the work environment, the prevalence of ‘quiet quitting’ is reflecting the contempt many employees have for uncaring corporates, performing the bare minimum to remain employed. Your employees need to feel like they’re working on the same team towards the same goals, not against each other or the company. A keynote speaker can inspire cohesion by connecting them through a unified vision and mission.


If you’re considering an inspired keynote speaker for your event, then radio, TV and print journalist and business speaker, Bruce Whitfield is a top option. His refreshingly non-conformist, optimistic view of the world has seen him become one of the most highly sought-after keynote speakers internationally with talks in London, Dubai and America.

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