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  • The Power of Action

    The Power of Action

    Dubai is a shock to those who seldom travel to the country. Arriving at midnight to participate in @COP28, it was a humid 26 degrees. And, it’s the middle of winter. From landing to getting into the back of the taxi, including a decent walk through the sprawling airport, passport control and customs, took 43…

  • Finding the light in chaos

    Finding the light in chaos

    “Why is it that so many people feel so negative about the future of South Africa?” This is the first question Bruce Whitfield, host of The Money Show on 702 and Cape Talk, posed at Nation Builder’ 7th Annual In Good Company Conference. Bruce explained why he thinks we have lost faith in the ability…

  • The viral discussion that shook South Africa

    The viral discussion that shook South Africa

    Bruce Whitfield is an award-winning financial journalist, renowned business speaker locally and internationally. Whitfield’s extensive knowledge and connectedness informs a unique perspective.