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  • When last did you listen to your people?

    When last did you listen to your people?

    How much better would our businesses be if we paid attention to the little people, those in most organisations who are sometimes seen but seldom heard? Too often, junior employees are not deemed worthy of the attention of those in the C-suite who dictate strategy from the ivory tower for implementation without question.   Fortunately […]

  • The Pope is onto something

    The Pope is onto something

    There are not too many things that surprise me anymore. But the Pope calling on business to use its skills, influence and combined intelligence to work with governments is one of those moments.   Some governments are better at this than others. The worlds’ most successful societies appreciate the business community not just as creators […]

  • The positive side of scarcity

    The positive side of scarcity

    The study of economics is all premised around the concept of scarcity. If a good or service is in high demand but there is limited supply, the price should go up – it’s why oil prices rocketed in the first six months of the year thanks to the ability of the cartel, OPEC, to limit […]

  • Bruce’s Favourite Business Speakers

    Bruce’s Favourite Business Speakers

    The way to become a great speaker is to listen! Bruce keeps up with the latest global speakers and is always on the lookout for those with a completely unique take on current events. Here’s a list of some of Bruce’s top picks for international keynote speakers who are certain to leave the audience inspired. […]