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Bruce Whitfield Keynote Speaker

Get these and more insights from Bruce Whitfield in person.

Get these and more insights from Bruce Whitfield in person.

Those nice people at Spotify have been doing some data mining on The Money Show podcast and have shared some remarkable stats on the reach of our content. The show is broadcast live daily between 1800-2000 each weekday. Within minutes of coming off air, the show is uploaded onto Spotify and Apple Podcasts and within moments listeners from around the world who either missed content or want to re-listen to something they heard during the live broadcast are downloading its content either manually or via subscription.


Over the past year The Money Show has delivered more than 6555 minutes of content into the fiercely competitive world of digital audio. That is 99% more than other creators of business content for the platform. There are, give or take, about four million podcasts in the world – and its astonishing that The Money Show is in the top 5% of the most shared podcasts anywhere. Two thirds of the sharing happens via Whatsapp. It suggests that when you hear something you believe should be listened to by someone else, you copy the link on your browser and post it to your Whatsapp and share it with those you believe need to hear it.


The podcast is listened to in 44 countries.

Understandably its home market South Africa is in first place, followed interestingly by downloads in the UAE, Australia, the UK and Botswana.


61% of listeners are followers of the show which implies they are subscribers and loyal regular participants. Thank you. To all of you.


The team and I work hard to bring you the most interesting content citing the most influential people we are able to access daily and this analysis is a wonderful endorsement of the work we do. My producers are relentless in their pursuit of great guests. We thrive on breaking news and like nothing more than “carpet-bombing” the biggest stories of each day with a diverse set of views to ensure our audience gets the richest and most textured perspective possible in the short amount of time we have available.


The show started life in 2004 as a 20-minute segment inside a one hour wrap of news and sport called The World at Six with the very patient coaching of programme manager Alastair Teeling-Smith and the person whose show I’d invaded David O’Sullivan. Soon it expanded to fill the hour and by 2010 had grown to its current two-hour format.


We operate some basic rules – the stories must have a money angle. That’s practically anything, so we have a bias toward investing, innovation, entrepreneurs, corporate performance with a healthy dollop of celebrity and sports star thrown in for good measure – provided we talk about how they manage their careers and money in their personal lives.


There is one motto: “Just because it is important, doesn’t make it interesting, and just because it’s interesting doesn’t make it important. But it’s more important to be interesting than anything else.


These stats suggest we often get it right. When we don’t it causes a real sense of dissatisfaction that we have let you down and we redouble our efforts to be better the next day. Thank you for listening and long may we be useful to you.


Watch the Spotify video to get the full review of The Money Show podcast 

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