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What do keynote speakers talk about? Top 5 topics for 2023

When it comes to business events, maintaining audience engagement can be a tough task, even when everyone shares a similar passion. Without sufficient focus and organisation, you’re likely to lose audience attention, diminishing the impact of the event’s aims. That’s where booking a keynote speaker is so beneficial. They can bring a fresh perspective to well-known challenges, as well as enlighten attendees on emerging trends that will impact their industry.

With the new year underway, there will be many new topics tackled as businesses grapple with uncertain economies, massive digital shifts, and a change in workforce attitude. Here’s a look at some of the keynote speaker topics for 2023.

1.     The metaverse

While we’ve been hearing about this ‘metaverse’ referred to in gaming circles, we’re going to start experiencing the metaverse in the business world as well. This is effectively a platform that uses virtual and augmented reality to create a digital experience, connecting people wherever they are. Currently, the existing technology doesn’t quite allow for the creation of a complete metaverse, but rather mini-metaverses that can be incredibly useful for businesses across industries. From healthcare to product sales, we’re going to be hearing more about the metaverse and what this will mean for you.

2.     The growth mindset

We have undoubtedly experienced one of the most challenging times in recent history, but the reality is that there have been much tougher times in the past. The key to surviving such difficult times is adopting a growth mindset that doesn’t give into fear and indecision but rather identifies opportunities. Keynote speakers will be sharing insights into how you can avoid the stress and frustration associated with a challenging landscape and make impactful decisions that will help your business grow. Further to this, they will empower audiences with how to thrive amid chaos by changing outlooks and perspectives.

3.     Environmental responsibility

Companies across the globe have had to adopt impactful environmental practices with policies largely dependent on individual industries. Certain companies and countries are streaks ahead when it comes to shifting to renewable energy and adopting green practices, but it falls on all our shoulders to start playing our part. Keynote speakers will share examples of individuals and groups that are innovatively shifting to a greener future while saving money in the long run. Expect to gain useful insight into ways that companies, from their individual employees through to group holdings, can take on environmental responsibility.

4.     Diversity and inclusion

Social movements the world over, coupled with social media platforms, have revealed entrenched bias and harmful behaviour that continues to impact key groups within our workforces. As new terminologies emerge and legislation shifts to protect those who’ve experienced prejudice for years, industries need to keep informed on what is required of them. A creative approach to diversity and inclusion is required, but for many, unconscious bias and previously accepted practices are creating massive roadblocks to welcoming change in the workplace. This is the year for inclusion, and leading keynote speakers will be able to show you the right path.

5.     Overall wellbeing

From working endless hours in compartmentalised office spaces for the ‘good of the company’ to a sudden existence of forced social distancing and working from home, there has been a massive shift in how we view workplace responsibilities. Employees aren’t going to give of their time and health to benefit a corporation that views them as completely replaceable, and employees are also realising the benefits of happy, healthy employees. That’s why we’re going to see keynote speakers addressing the importance of overall wellbeing in the workplace where corporate retreats, four-day work weeks, on-site gyms, healthy food options, work-based healthcare, and mental health become the norm.

If you’re planning an event in 2023 and are looking for an engaging keynote speaker who talks to the latest trends, then Bruce Whitfield first choice. As an in-demand business speaker with global experience, Bruce understands exactly what organisations and team leaders want and need to know about turning trying times into life-changing opportunities using passion, humour, and purpose.

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