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Types of keynote speakers and who is right for you

The potential for a conference to inspire a workforce, or motivate individuals to achieve their full capacity is massive, but you need the right elements in place. A great venue is important, the ideal programme is necessary, and a great keynote speaker is imperative. With the right keynote speaker, you’re setting the tone that will carry this positive energy beyond the conference, making those poignant moments even more impactful.

But the big question is what type of keynote speaker is best for your event? Here’s a look at the various types before deciding which is the best fit for you.

1.     Inspirational keynote speakers

No matter how good we are at our jobs, or how well we’re doing in life, we can all do with a bit of inspiration! If you’re feeling your company morale is a bit low, or you’re embarking on a new project or heading in a new direction that will require everyone to get together as a team, your event might call for an inspirational keynote speaker. Considering the challenges of the past few years – we could all do with some inspiration. This type of keynote speaker will draw on experience and relay it interestingly, connecting themes and encouraging personal and professional growth. Motivational speakers are ideal for sales events, conferences, and team-building initiatives.

2.     Humorous keynote speakers

Everyone can use a good laugh. It has many health benefits such as stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, improving cardiac health and generally creating a sense of well-being. This makes a humorous keynote speaker a great way to break any workplace tension, lighten the mood, or give everyone some well-deserved downtime. However, humorous keynote speakers aren’t comics – they’re not there to simply tell some one-liners and move on. They can keep your audience engaged while delivering a useful message at the same time.

3.     Industry expert keynote speakers

If you’re trying to inform conference-goers about a specific sector, then you’re probably going to need an industry expert who can engage the audience while explaining concepts in a relatable way. These knowledgeable keynote speakers will undoubtedly have a list of certifications, degrees, or licences relevant to the industry while conveying the information in a dynamic way to keep the attendees engaged. An industry expert might not necessarily be speaking to professionals within the same industry, however. It could be an expert on sustainable energy talking to a group of accountants, but they can find a way to connect with any audience.

4.     Celebrity keynote speakers

If you have the budget and are looking to attract a big audience to your event, then a celebrity keynote speaker is a good bet. Whether it’s an admired sports star, a recognisable actor, a famous musician, or a beloved radio or TV presenter, the right celebrity keynote speaker could make a massive difference to your event. Many celebrities are established circuit speakers, so it’s worth researching their speaking topics to see if they’ll be the right fit for your event.

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5.     Trend forecaster keynote speakers

We all want to know what’s coming next, but predicting the future is near impossible! Not for trend forecasters who have such in-depth industry knowledge that they can analyse patterns and predict future trends. These research-driven predictions could provide useful insights into everything from politics and the economy to health and schooling. These sorts of predictions are valuable in shaping business decisions, no matter what industry you’re in.

While some keynote speakers will fall into one of these categories, there are some privileged few who can touch on all aspects, bringing something for everyone into their keynote address. Bruce Whitfield is one of the best international business speaker, journalist, and author who interprets the noise at the murky intersection where business, politics and society collide. He understands the power of grit, tenacity, and the genius of smart ideas being put into action for growth. Audiences will leave inspired, insightful, relaxed and ready to face the next productive chapter of work or life.

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