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Trends in Keynote Speaking in 2024

If you’re in planning mode for 2024 and are looking at hosting a business event, then you’re undoubtedly considering a keynote speaker to amplify your message. The best keynote speakers in London can draw large crowds to the event, engage the audience, and further your marketing on various social media platforms. Here are some trends in Keynote Speaking for 2024

1.     Keeping it brief

The modern audience has shorter and shorter attention spans, and speakers have to adapt to keep them engaged. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be getting what you paid for, just that the content will be packaged innovatively, making it punchier while being less wordy. This also allows the remainder of the programme schedule to incorporate more talks and activities.

2.     Hybrid talks

Keynote speaking is a global enterprise these days with industry experts found worldwide. You don’t have to rely on someone local to engage your audience on a particular topic, as keynote speakers can address audiences remotely via video conferencing. This allows you to draw on the best in the world, without any costly travel. The rise of remote keynote speakers is a trend that results in hybrid events that schedule in-person and remote speakers.

3.     Interactive talks

Drawing on modern technology, keynote speakers are making presentations much more audience interactive. This includes using data analytics to adapt the presentation in real-time, as well as engagement tools like live pools, Q&A sessions, and other activities that promote audience participation. The higher rate of interaction makes the presentation that much more engaging for attendees.

4.     Customised talks

The keynote speaking space is incredibly competitive, and those who are working off a one-size-fits-all approach won’t be around much longer. No matter the niche market, keynote speakers adapt and adjust their talks to work for the intended audience and to achieve the desired response. Personalised messages resonate much more with conference attendees than generalised talks, with unique challenges and opportunities key. One keynote speaker trend to watch out for.

5.     Technological integration

Technology is advancing all industries, with the event and conference space included. Keynote speakers are innovatively adopting the latest in software and tech gadgets to better deliver their key messaging while interacting and engaging with a diverse audience. 3D imaging, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other interactive visual aids are making for a more immersive conference experience. As always technology will play an import trend in keynote speaking.

6.     Focus on health

Where the corporate focus was once on burning the candle at both ends, on sacrificing health and family for the culture of capitalism, this has completely shifted. This wasn’t only unsustainable, but a cruel practice for the benefit of an elite few. As a trend, Keynote speakers are now focusing on the individual, and on prioritising personal well-being and mental health. This is because a healthy and happy employee is a much more productive and loyal employee. There’s no more simply putting on a brave face for work, but rather acknowledging that everyone is human, and self-care is important for the individual and the company.

7.     Sustainability and social responsibility

Against the backdrop of a very real climate crisis, there is a massive shift from corporate greed and destruction to sustainable and responsible business practices for the good of all. We’re likely to see a trend of more keynote speakers focus on topics such as sustainable business practices, corporate social responsibility, and the individual also playing a part in improving society.

8.     Lifelong learning

The world is moving at such a pace that acquiring knowledge and skills at a university or college level won’t set you up for the rest of your life. Keynote speakers will highlight the importance of lifelong learning in all industries, of constant upskilling and continuous learning to stay ahead of the competition. Innovation doesn’t happen when a company has stagnated, so to continue being a productive employee, it’s important that upskilling and learning become an annual thing.

9.     Global perspectives

It won’t matter your keynote speaker’s country of origin as much as it once did, as they are becoming an international force speaking to more global challenges and solutions. These can then be taken down to a micro-level, but the truth is we’re experiencing problems as humanity, rather than individual countries or corporations. This means finding global solutions and opportunities for cross-border collaboration wherever possible. A truly global keynote speaker trend.

Stay on trend in 2024 by securing a london keynote speaker who connects with audiences, from London to Dubai. The award-winning journalist and bestselling author, Bruce Whitfield, has shared platforms with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nouriel Roubini, Charlize Theron, Lord Mervyn King, and hundreds of business and political luminaries. He’s a dynamic business speaker who knows how to read a room regardless of size or location.

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