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Top 4 keynote speaker topics for events in 2023

The end of 2022 is already upon us and it’s time to start considering the event schedule for 2023. With the upheaval of the past three years, businesses are heading into some interesting territory as we navigate the New Year. If you’re planning a conference or other business event, then it’s worth looking into some themes and topics that will be trending. Here are what we consider to be some of the more dominant themes in keynote speaking for 2023.

4 keynote speaker topics for 2023

1.     Surviving disruption

The term disruption gets thrown around a lot in the tech space, but in terms of business operations across the board, disruption is something that will have to be anticipated and navigated going forwards. A lot of great keynote speakers will have analysed businesses and how they shifted goals and models to survive the pandemic – as well as businesses that didn’t do this quite as well. There are so many lessons to be learned from both those that have achieved, and those that have failed.

Another important aspect of surviving disruption is not only surviving as a business, but surviving as an individual. The pandemic, resultant economic challenges, and stress drastically increased mental anxiety and exacerbated existing mental disorders. The World Health Organization reported a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide, with a 13% rise in mental health conditions and substance abuse following the pandemic.

It’s evident that this is an aspect that needs to be addressed in the business setting. Stress and burnout are not only hugely detrimental to the individual, but they also have a far-reaching impact on the productivity of an organisation, which is why we see mental resilience as a priority for 2023.

2.     Finding opportunities in challenge

Disruption and chaos can be planned for as far as possible, but it’s not just about navigating these realities and surviving, it’s also about learning how to thrive! Keynote speakers will be taking examples of businesses that approached the recent disruption with a proactive mindset.

It’s not about sitting back and waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about actively seeking out opportunities that exist within this challenging environment. In fact, while we consider these times to be some of the most challenging in history, a good keynote speaker will delve into previous eras and show this time is not as unique as we think it is. Don’t let fear paralyse you, embrace it and find the opportunities that abound.

3.     Diversity and inclusion

The Black Lives Matter movement, the global Me Too movement, and the rise of the transgender debate make for a really incendiary mix when not addressed openly and honestly in the workplace. Businesses will not only need to ensure they are incorporating inclusivity in the legal sense, but they also need to address what diversity and inclusion mean in the real sense.

But more than just creating a cohesive work environment, companies that embrace diversity and inclusion actually do much better overall. According to McKinsey’s research, diversity can help organisations increase innovation by reconsidering entrenched ways of thinking, and improving financial performance. As 2023 approaches, more and more businesses are going to be held accountable for their lack of equality, and are going to fall behind when not adapting to the realities of the world. That’s why it’s time to book a keynote speaker with insight and clarity into this topic.

4.     Collaboration and teamwork

Finally, with all this division and disruption, how do we keep people working together for a common goal? This is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today and one that is not going anywhere without discussion. That’s why collaboration and teamwork will continue to trend in keynote talks in 2023. Throw in the new hybrid remote working conditions, and keeping people on the same team becomes that much more challenging.

What techniques work best to get everyone on the same page? Is management incorporating the views of all employees for a more inclusive approach? It’s important to remember that, while collaboration is ideal, it’s not about eliminating the individual and enforcing uniformity. It’s the differences and individuality that make a business work.

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