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The Importance of Diversity in Keynote Speaker Lineups

Keynote speakers have the potential to encourage and inspire people, increase productivity and drive innovation. But, too often, corporates engage the same speakers time and again to achieve different results – which just doesn’t work. It’s important to ensure you have some diversity in your keynote speaker lineups so that you’re keeping the content fresh and the message impactful. Here are a few reasons why diversity in keynote speaker lineups is so important.

Diversity in Keynote Speakers

1.     Get a unique take

The most successful companies are those that can adapt to an ever-changing world, because they’re looking at the world differently. This is vital for companies in the modern age when change is a constant, and innovation is key to success. Diversity in keynote speakers ensures you’re getting a range of viewpoints providing a much more diverse and realistic perspective. Your company can’t tackle new challenges if they’re looking at them from the same perspective.

2.     It’s more accurate

We’re operating in a multicultural global society with a range of diverse contexts, which means the more diversity you have in keynote speakers and speaker topics, the better for business. A diverse speaker lineup is a more accurate reflection of the world in which we live, presenting new solutions to challenges and new opportunities as well. The role of a keynote speaker is not to reflect the audience’s long-held beliefs and prejudices, but to challenge them and encourage questioning and new thought. 

3.     It increases global reach

Each country has a unique set of challenges, but we’re operating in an increasingly global environment which means knowing global challenges as well. With diversity in international keynote speakers, particularly reaching out to those with more worldly experience, you’re ensuring employees have important insights and a bigger perspective of what they’re hoping to achieve.

4.     You’re making business future-proof

 The pandemic showed us all that you have to expect the unexpected at all times. By ensuring diversity in your keynote speaker hires, you’re getting keen insights across the business, social, financial, and political spectrum. This variety of intelligence and insight means that you and your business are better prepared for the likely risks and challenges coming your way.  

5.     Increases attendance

Business conferences are a valuable networking platform, and hiring a top keynote speaker is a great way to encourage attendance. However, if you’re using a keynote speaker who has spoken at several other conferences or business events, then the likelihood of attracting big numbers is lower as business people have already heard what’s going to be said. Make your event that much more profitable by getting someone new and interesting.

Bruce Whitfield business talks

As an award-winning journalist, best-selling author, and globally renowned speaker, Bruce Whitfield ticks all the right boxes when it comes to choosing a keynote speaker with a diverse range of topics. Bruce has shared the stage with hundreds of business and political luminaries, and continues to keep on top of the latest global influences through ongoing analysis and engagement.

This is achieved by hosting numerous TV programmes, being a Contributing Editor to the Financial Mail, a media leader at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and a foreign correspondent to multiple international news providers. His podcast (based on his bestselling book) Genius: How to Thrive at the Edge of Chaos examines what it takes to thrive in an increasingly complex, fast-paced global environment.

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