Bruce Whitfield Keynote Speaker
The Business Value of Keynote Speakers

Any business decision needs to weigh up the value and return on investment. The same goes for choosing a keynote speaker for your business conference or upcoming event. You need to assess how much value they bring and whether they are going to achieve your business goals.

Bruce Whitfield Keynote Speaker

The first thing that determines whether or not a keynote speaker adds significant value to an event is who you choose. The speaker needs to align with your overall message and have some insights into your particular industry. When choosing your business keynote speaker, here are some things to consider:

  • Your goals: What are the objectives of your event and what are the interests of your audience? Knowing this will help you narrow down the search significantly.
  • Previous performance: Any good speaker will come with great references as well as online videos and material you can review ahead of time. 
  • Your budget: You want the best but the chosen keynote speaker has to bring the value you’re paying for. Determine your budget before starting your search.

How do keynote speakers add business value?

If you’ve done the right research and have selected a great keynote speaker, you’re going to see the value added to your company in many ways.

1.     Inspired employees

An unmotivated staff is not just bad for the workplace, it’s bad for business. One of the most direct ways to inspire your employees is by hiring an inspirational keynote speaker. In fact, research conducted by Bain & Company in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit found that “… If satisfied employees are productive at an index level of 100, then engaged employees produce at 144, nearly half again as much. But then comes the real kicker: inspired employees score 225 on this scale. From a purely quantitative perspective, in other words, it would take two and a quarter satisfied employees to generate the same output as one inspired employee.” Inspired employees have better customer engagement, higher productivity, better retention – and higher profitability.

2.     Engaged employees

The first step is inspiration, but this can only go so far. Real productivity comes from employees who are happy and engaged in their workplace. A great keynote speaker can inspire first before engaging employees and creating a sense of connection with the business itself. According to the Workforce Institute 2021 Engagement and Retention Report, companies with highly engaged employees have a 25 to 59% increase in turnover and 41% lower absentee rates. That’s a big difference. Your keynote speaker will be able to supply the tools to encourage employee engagement after the event is done. 

3.     Clear goal outlines

Outlining your goals was one of the tips for choosing a keynote speaker, and this is important because the value they add to your business is by aligning your employees’ path with that of management. Miscommunication leads to misunderstandings which leads to employee dissatisfaction. A great keynote speaker can clearly communicate company goals in an engaging and inspired way so that everyone feels they’re on the same team.

4.     Branding and publicity

Another valuable contribution of keynote speakers to your company that cannot be overlooked is the marketing and promotional element. If you’re able to retain the services of a globally renowned keynote speaker you can get maximum event value by using your marketing platforms, and leveraging those of the speaker, to attract outside interest. A top keynote speaker aligned with your business will elevate your status and position you as an industry leader. This could also boost ticket sales for the event generating revenue directly through the keynote speaker’s brand.

Choosing the right keynote speaker

Booking the best keynote speaker can bring incredible value to your business in just one day, but it needs to be the right choice. Bruce Whitfield is a dynamic business speaker who draws on his vast journalistic experience behind cameras and microphones, and years of research as a best-selling author, to leave audiences inspired. Bruce has delivered thought-provoking content to audiences from London, to Dubai, and facilitates relevant and necessary discussion. To bring real value to your business event, book the best.

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