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How a Keynote Speaker Supports Your Event

Organising an impactful event can be a stressful undertaking, and while the venue and catering are important elements to consider, you cannot overlook the value of a keynote speaker. The entire event can be brought together by an impactful keynote speaker who captivates your audience and drives the event theme home. Here’s a look at the various ways a keynote speaker supports your event.

1.     Setting the energy

No matter how hard you try, trying to get a disparate audience on the same page can be increasingly difficult, particularly when it’s for a business event. However, with the right keynote speaker, this is no problem. They are tasked with the job of reading the crowd, setting the tone, and increasing the energy levels at the event. They will harness the power of an energised crowd, leaving them inspired and wanting more.

2.     Impacting perspectives

With any event or conference, you want the participants to leave having learned something new – undoubtedly something that will benefit them and their business going forward. That’s where a keynote speaker is such a valuable addition. They will work with you ahead of the event to ensure their message is on point with what you are looking to achieve. That’s why it’s so important you research your keynote speaker ahead of time to ensure a unified vision.

3.     Inspiring attendees

Part of elevating the energy level at your event will include inspirational insights provided by the keynote speaker. No matter what subject they’re talking about, the result is to inspire your attendees to improve areas of their personal life, their work ethic, or their contribution to humanity. It’s this sense of inspiration that your guests will remember when leaving your event, contributing towards making it a success.

4.     Bringing the audience together

Your audience is attending your event for a number of different reasons – some are compelled to because of work, others are there more willingly, and some are uncertain whether they’ve made the right decision altogether! No matter their reason for coming, it’s up to the keynote speaker to ensure they feel they spent their time in a worthwhile manner by bringing the audience together and inspiring them.

5.     Offering event credibility

A high-profile, renowned keynote speaker is also an important way to bring credibility to your event, particularly if this is the first one. People who recognise a name are more likely to attend your event, as they believe they’ll get value from the time spent away from work.

What are some traits of a good keynote speaker?

When looking to book a keynote speaker, there are so many great options available that it can be quite difficult to whittle them down. Here are a few traits you can think about to ensure you’re getting someone who will support your event.

  • The speaker specialises in a certain field.
  • The speaker has extensive experience in speaking.
  • Speaker reviews indicate someone who is engaging and dynamic.
  • The speaker has the ability to connect with audiences of all types.
  • The speaker can provide you with recorded examples.
  • Can go off script when necessary.
  • The speaker is considered a credible individual in the field.

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Still unsure who to book?

Bruce Whitfield is a renowned business speaker who is able to captivate global audiences with his thought-provoking, passionate, and humorous talks. Having shared a platform with everyone from Hillary Clinton to Charlize Theron, and having delivered to thousands of audience members from London to Dubai, Bruce has proven himself as a keynote speaker across the business world.

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