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Genius, How to Take Smart Ideas Global,  the latest book to be penned by best-selling author, sought-after business speaker and broadcaster Bruce Whitfield will hit shelves in May 2022

How did Pratleys beat Neil Armstrong to the Moon?

How did a former Eskom quantity surveyor capitalise on Britain’s obsession with meerkats to create the UK’s most visible price comparison website?

How do you take a Mediterranean-style food concept to the Mediterranean?

And How did a device designed to beat diamond smuggling make it from the set of a popular US hospital drama into emergency rooms and pathology labs across the US?

These are all stories of a special kind of genius that is able to solve problems for the world, from a socially and politically fraught country at the tip of Africa. Genius tells these and many more stories like this, and shares the insights about what it takes to take smart ideas, global.  

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