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Bruce Whitfield  is an award-winning financial journalist, radio host and business speaker. Whitfield’s extensive knowledge and connectedness informs a unique perspective. 

Below are some of Whitfield’s business talks.

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The Upside of Down


The Upside of Down demonstrates to audiences just how important it is to have a growth mindset in a deeply complex environment where we are often paralyzed into inaction through fear and indecision. Facts matter more than ever. You cannot make good long-term decisions if you are overwhelmed by fear. This deeply empowering, fact-rich, multi-layered talk challenges our in-built biases and encourages audiences to confront widespread, but often inaccurate beliefs.


Thriving on the edge of chaos


Thriving on the edge of chaos is all about how great businesses are built in difficult times. Whitfield weaves a compelling tale featuring some of South Africa’s greatest entrepreneurs explaining how opportunity always exists in times of uncertainty.


Rebels Renegades and Problem Solvers


Rebels Renegades and Problem Solvers paints a stark, realistic picture of the multiplicity of issues South Africa faces and how a new generation of problem solvers are going about building businesses that offer solutions to everything from food, water and energy security to creating jobs and training young people to be entrepreneurial themselves.



If you are looking for a business speaker who your delegates are going to be quote around dinner tables for weeks after your event, Bruce is your man. Original, insightful, thought provoking and currently the best value to be found on the SA speaking circuit.
Robert Phillips, Director, ThunderMark

Knowledgeable, entertaining, positive, professional. Bruce is thoroughly prepared, with the ability to apply his profile, journalism skills and natural inquisitiveness to the client event – the result is a MC and facilitator who has always lifted the quality of our events with his personality and excellence.
Hylton Kallner, CEO Discovery South Africa

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