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Get these and more insights from Bruce Whitfield in person.

Get these and more insights from Bruce Whitfield in person.

In-person and hybrid events are in full swing at the moment, and the mood of attendees indicates a real need for positive messaging. As we wind up the year, many are organising end-of-year conferences and events which will conclude what has been another challenging year for many, so it’s really worth bringing in a keynote speaker who can inspire. But inspire with what? Here’s a look at the top 7 keynote speaking topics we see heading into the final months of 2022 and the start of 2023.

7 of the best keynote speaker topics for 2023

1.     Going global

There’s no need to limit yourself to a local market when we now have the technology and demand to break into the global space! Companies breaking into the global market are indeed risk-takers, but nothing has been achieved without risk, you just need to do the market research. Keynote speakers are addressing the international opportunities that await businesses, particularly on the African continent.

2.     How to survive and thrive in chaos

The past three years can quite easily be described as ‘chaotic’, and while some of us might hunker down and wait for the chaos to pass, savvy businesses are looking for opportunities in uncertainty. Keynote speakers can provide examples of how the best businesses have found golden opportunities where others only found destruction and despair. Companies like Netflix and IBM have used the disruption to pivot their model and address a new and emerging demand. It’s about choosing to see solutions where others see problems.


3.   Diversity and inclusion

This has become an absolutely essential topic for organisations because it has to be about more than just box ticking. Debates around equality, diversity and inclusion have grown over the past few years, with global movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo highlighting the rampant prejudices that still exist today. 


4.     Change management

The chaos and disruption mentioned earlier prompt companies to adjust and adapt, because those that don’t will become obsolete in a very short space of time. Where employees were required to come into the office for a traditional 9 to 5, the model has now shifted to include flexible work hours and hybrid workspaces. Change management means ensuring these adaptions are better working to improve productivity while considering technology and innovation that can streamline operations. A well received keynote speaker topic. 


5.     Mental health and resilience

The economic and health crises of the past few years have taken a massive toll on mental health, with the World Health Organisation announcing that depression and anxiety spiked 25% in 2020, with more than 1 billion people now suffering from a mental disorder. This doesn’t only impact an individual’s personal life, it impacts their physical health, emotional well-being and work life as well. Speakers will focus on the need to prioritise employee mental health through work-based fitness and well-being offerings, as well as showing due appreciation and care for every employee.

6.     Collaboration

While the introduction of the hybrid and remote work options is great, it can cause a division among employees – impacting communication and overall productivity. Corporates wellness in the modern workspace will become a focal point for keynote speakers, as well as ways for employees to collaborate across the digital divide. Social distancing proved that we can work online, but it also proved that we need human interaction and engagement for mental well-being and to fuel ideas.


7.     Future trends

Everyone wants to see into the future, which is why trends are always a hot topic for keynote speakers. Looking at past and present events, insightful speakers will be able to highlight trends that are emerging, as well as likely changes in the world of technology, finance, politics and business. Gartner is already predicting super apps, adaptive AI and a digital immune system as some of the technological trends; while Forbes is predicting alternative financing, blockchain technology and embedded finance as fintech trends to watch out for. 


If you’re looking to book a keynote speaker who touches on the most current and impactful topics today, then South African-born radio, TV and print journalist and business speaker, Bruce Whitfield is a top contender. His optimistic world view and unique insights make him an engaging and inspiring event keynote speaker with talks in London, Dubai and America.


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