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Brands that are boxing above their weight
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Get these and more insights from Bruce Whitfield in person.

Get these and more insights from Bruce Whitfield in person.

South African brands are boxing above their weight everywhere and it’s apparent from mails I have received from many of you.


With his permission I have published an extract from UK-based Ryno Strydom to emphasise the point…


“After I recently, very nostalgically, read Tony Jackman from the Daily Maverick’s “Ode to the humble braaibroodjie” I duly set out to my local Tesco to purchase some Mrs Balls chutney, I invited some locals over for a braai, complete with braaibroodjies, and we started gushing about the wonders and myriad applications for Mrs Balls, I believe I may have some converts…
– At a recent work event someone found an interesting “chili” in a salad, I immediately know a Peppadew when I see one, this resulted in an hours long lecture on the wonders of what we grow, largely based on extracts from your book, on blueberries, ZZ2 and Westfalia.


  • I’ve successfully given unsolicited advice to strangers in my local Sainsbury’s to try the Sxollie (x)cider on the shelf in front of us.
  • I’ve similarly convinced a very posh gentleman in a very posh wine shop to part with many pounds and try a Kanonkop Pinotage above all the fancy French offerings available.
  • My wife carries a ROWDY leather handbag which I believe I purchased after listening to one of your Friday files.
  • I’ve informed everyone I know in the UK that Nando’s is indeed not a UK brand nor a Portuguese invention, followed by a lengthy lesson on the brand history.
  • The picture below says enough about my Rooibos advocacy, introducing another tea in the heart of tea land obviously creates some friction, but I persisted and I deliberately started with what my colleagues may get in a local supermarket, but once I’ve got them interested, I’ll bring in the good stuff Carmien tea for a knockout.


Anyway those are just some of the examples of my advocacy and ambassadorship for South African products which I very proudly belt out!

But Bruce, just a shout-out of appreciation in general.

I grew up with 702 on in the background all my life, so for as long as I’ve cared to listen you’ve been there in the background, I’ve properly listened, via podcast, for the better part of a decade, starting as a student in Potch, now in Ascot of all places, your inspirational guests, wonderfully measured demeanour, great advice and excellent sense of humour have always been a rock solid part of what has kept me informed, grounded and entertained. Massively inspirational. 

I’ve enjoyed your books, I’ve got Genius here with me in the UK, the Upside of Down is on my parent’s bookshelf. The general advice I’ve gained from the Money Show has also given me a real financial leg up and amazing insights into the world of business, for this I’ll always be grateful. 

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