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Benefits of booking a business speaker

If you’re organising a business event and are looking to make it something truly memorable, you’re no doubt considering a number of elements that will contribute towards this. Engaging networking activities, great food and entertainment are all key considerations, but it’s really worth factoring in an influential business speaker to elevate your event. Here’s a look at 9 reasons why business speakers are so beneficial.

9 Benefits of Booking a Business Speaker


1.      They provide a new perspective


While Covid-19 has shocked many companies out of traditional operational methods, many people are still reluctant to change and innovate. Often when this comes from management level or anyone within the business, it’s met with some form of hostility, resistance or mere complacency. A great business speaker will provide the workforce with a new perspective on an old challenge, inspiring them to consider something commonplace in a fundamentally new way.


2.      They introduce new strategies


The concept of ‘reinventing the wheel’ is one we’re all too familiar with, but we often remain reluctant to ask for advice or seek guidance from those who’ve achieved. A business speaker is able to cut through this malaise and explain, in a really simplified way, how to achieve goals using different strategies. While the ‘tried-and-tested’ might work for some, if there’s a better way of doing things, then it’s worth considering them.


3.      Inspire the audience


Have you ever read a book, left a film or performance feeling reinvigorated? Well, that’s the role of a good business speaker. Just like a book or movie might inspire you to change something in your personal life, so a good business speaker will inspire you to change something in your business life to make you more efficient. If the end goal of your event is to improve productivity, then a business speaker is someone who will help get you there.


4.      Promote your brand


If you’re organising a large-scale event that is set to cement your brand as an industry leader and attract positive attention, then booking a big-name business speaker is a way to do this. This indicates that you’re an expert in your field and that you attract this type of positive influence which you’re willing to share with others.


5.      Improve leadership


Leadership skills are vital to the success of any industry, but it often takes a bit of inspiration for people to find their inner leader! Motivate those with potential in your business by providing them with the requisite insight and guidance that will reveal their own leadership skills.


6.      Teach new skills


A great business speaker will keep updated on the latest techniques, strategies and technologies, which means that – while they can help improve on existing strategies – they can also impart new skills needed to survive in the modern workplace. The world is constantly changing and, with it, are the required skill sets. By booking someone who has keen insights, you can ensure the workforce is kept at the cutting-edge of your industry.


7.      Create a sense of trust


By opening up your employees or colleagues to inspirational, cutting-edge thinking, you’re showing that you value their role in the business. And when you invest in people, people invest in you, which is why booking a great business speaker will also create a sense of trust among the workforce.


8.      Activate the audience


There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of time, effort and money into planning an event and the audience doesn’t ever seem really engaged. A powerful business speaker will keep the audience engaged and responsive by sharing stories of their own experience, success and failures, so that people are leaving the event feeling it was completely worth their time.

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9.      Promote positive change


It’s not just about changing mindsets and imparting skills; a great business speaker will encourage positive change among your employees. They will want to leave the event and improve who they are and how they do things – and this is just great for business. You want your employees to have a ‘can do’ mindset that sees them shift to problem solvers who take action and responsibility.


If you’re looking to book a business speaker who ticks all these boxes, then get in touch with Bruce Whitfield. The radio, TV and print journalist, and business speaker brings his refreshingly non-conformist, optimistic view on the world to every event.

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