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By around 2050 sometime, current projections suggest there will around 10 billion of us sharing the increasingly strained resources of the single habitable planet in our solar system.

Elon Musk and others are considering the feasibility of a multi-planetary future – while back on planet earth there are those looking ahead to more earthly challenges-with issues from climate change to population density, water and food security all grabbing headlines.

The Discovery story is about the drive to create sustainable health systems that somehow match advances in science which have the potential to extend human life way beyond what our grandparents ever imagined, with the obvious cost implications.

By the time Adrian Gore was 27 he was possessed by the desire to address this challenge. You can find the podcast of my discussion live at the Gordon Institute of Business Science here.

His first and most important action was to back his big idea, give up on his day job during a time of heightened political strife in a country with a deeply uncertain future, and to build his dream into reality.

His is a story of talent spotting, hiring only the best available talent, conviction, persistence, impatience and a relentless quest to change the world – at least the world of healthcare.

Most important, his fundamental belief: “If it’s not Armageddon you should be building;” and knowing that you will always be better off for having tried to do something new than never bothering to get started.

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