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Bruce Whitfield: Question and Answers

Who is Bruce Whitfield?

Bruce Whitfield is a business speaker based in London and storyteller who is inspired and motivated by people who positively impact the world in which we live.

How old is Bruce Whitfield?

Old enough to know not to answer that question, young enough not to care. Bruce is an experienced media professional who has a deep knowledge of the way the world works.

What are Bruce Whitfield contact details?

The internet is a beautiful thing and with purposeful searching you will find what you seek. is a good place to start.

Does Bruce Whitfield have a podcasts?

He most certainly does. His daily Money Show is extremely popular and he is building new series all the time. Look out on Apple App Store and Spotify.

Is Bruce Whitfield a business speaker?

Bruce is an accomplished and sought after business speaker and enjoys nothing more than distilling complex ideas into easy to understand, relatable lessons that add value to organisations and the people who work there.

Cost to hire Bruce Whitfield for business event?

Talk to Pippa on and she will tailor make a package for you.

Where to buy Bruce Whitfield’s book?

Bookstores and online – details on

Where did Bruce Whitfield study?

In his room, mostly. Occasionally at the library at Rhodes University.

What does Bruce Whitfield talk about at business events?

Bruce tells story of progress, development and optimism. He is a firm believer that the future is (mostly) better than the past and delivers compelling evidence to back up his world view.

Is Bruce Whitfield a good business speaker?

His many clients bear testament to the fact that they believe that he is. Testimonials can be found on

“The insights you shared into the world of those South African companies and business leaders who successfully globalized their firms was extremely interesting and inspiring.

Does Bruce Whitfield speak at business events?

Yes, Bruce Whitfield is a business speaker, master of ceremonies and a moderator.  Whitfield’s extensive knowledge and connectedness informs a unique perspective.

How to book Bruce Whitfield for an event?

Visit his website or talk to Pippa on

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