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  • The positive side of scarcity

    The positive side of scarcity

    The study of economics is all premised around the concept of scarcity. If a good or service is in high demand but there is limited supply, the price should go up – it’s why oil prices rocketed in the first six months of the year thanks to the ability of the cartel, OPEC, to limit […]

  • Bruce’s Favourite Business Speakers

    Bruce’s Favourite Business Speakers

    The way to become a great speaker is to listen! Bruce keeps up with the latest global speakers and is always on the lookout for those with a completely unique take on current events. Here’s a list of some of Bruce’s top picks for international keynote speakers who are certain to leave the audience inspired. […]

  • Top South African public business speaker

    Top South African public business speaker

    Bruce Whitfield, launches ‘Genius’ talk Having shared the stage with the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Charlize Theron and Lord Mervyn King; delivering hundreds of speeches to thousands of audiences over two decades, Bruce Whitfield continues to captivate the crowds with his cutting-edge insight into the business world. And his latest presentation, Genius, won’t […]

  • Interview with Andrew Harding

    Interview with Andrew Harding

    Bruce Whitfield interviews BBC correspondent and author, Andrew Harding Bruce Whitfield: Well, welcome this evening to Andrew Harding. He’s the BBC Africa correspondent. He’s an author more recently of a book all about a really horrible microcosm of South African history, and we’ll talk about that this evening, but Andrew Harding has spent most of […]